Lincoln Children’s Zoo

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo is located in Lincoln, Nebraska and is a fun and friendly place for children of all ages. You can find many animals ranging from the small ones such as a frilled lizard to a much larger animal such as a red panda. There are places where you are able to feed animals such as the fish. The zoo also provides a train that you are able to ride if you want a quick tour of the whole zoo.

Location: 1222 S 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68502

Costs: Adults; ages 13-61 $9.95,  Children; ages 2-12 $8.95,  Seniors; 62 and over $8.95,  Children 1 and under FREE,  Zoo members FREE

Ride Costs: Individual Train Ride $2.75,  Individual Horse Ride $4.25,  10 Punch Train Pass $26.00, 20 Punch Ticket Pass $49.00,  10 Punch Horse Ride Pass $38.00